Tesla Powerwall 2 Install


Tesla Powerwall 2

Lenergy is Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer, giving you access to the highest quality batteries on the market. The Tesla Powerwall 2 harnesses and stores the excess energy generated by your solar panels throughout the day which can then be used during the night. Being an Authorised Tesla Powerwall Installer, Lenergy uses the highest quality batteries, capable of providing 7+ days of continuous power during an outage.

In all that Tesla do, they continue to challenge the status quo and reshape industries. Whether it be through revolutionising cars or producing the most elegant and powerful battery on the market, you can rest easy knowing Tesla powers your home. 

Installation of Tesla Powerwall 2

24/7 Mobile Monitoring

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Control your Powerwall and track your energy usage in real time


Power your home and electric vehicle with renewable energy you control and reduce your reliance on the grid.

With solar, you typically generate more clean energy than you need. By combining with Powerwall, a rechargeable home battery, you can store excess energy from your solar panels for use anytime—even during a power outage.

Monitor what energy you produce and control your self- powered system with 24/7 access using the Tesla app.