Green Loan

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Zero Up Front Costs

Install Solar For $0 Down

Partnering with Bright enables Lenergy to provide solar for all households and businesses. With no upfront costs, you can own solar today, starting from as little as $18 per week. Allowing any home or business to minimise their carbon footprint and greatly reduce the energy bill. 

In 2015 Brighte was founded, offering Aussie families affordable access to sustainable energy solutions through an easy payment platform.

Since 2015 Brighte has approved over $500 million in finance and enabled over 1,800 solar and home improvement businesses to offer finance to over 60,000 Aussie households.

Brighte prides itself on being a responsible lender committed to good practice, the protection of consumer interests and enabling access to renewable energy solutions and home improvements for all Australians.

Brighte's mission is to make every home sustainable, so years of small firsts, big moments, laughs and love can be enjoyed under the roofs of people around the world for a brighter future, today.

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You can use the Brighte Green Loan for energy efficient products such as solar, batteries, solar hot water, and Solar heating and cooling.

What is the difference between a green loan and personal loan?

A green loan is structured the same way as a personal loan, however a green loan is used to finance energy efficient products and has a reduced rate of 5.89%

Instead of paying for solar upfront, you can pay it off over 2 - 7 years and use the savings to pay for the system.